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Midland taking a last ditch shot

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Re: Midland taking a last ditch shot

If I'm not mistaken, it's 100% ON THEM to provide documentation that you owe, NOT the other way around.


I just filed a complaint because Midland is reporting to EQ an alleged debt that is 9 months past SOL.

Starting Score: 550
Current Score: 673 EQ, 681 TU, 650 EX
Goal Score: 720

Update April 1: TU 615/EQ624
Update June 28: TU 641/EQ 626
Update Sept 21: TU 681, EQ 673, EX 650 (FAKO)
I FINALLY got that car at the rate I wanted! Thanks, FICO Forums!

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Re: Midland taking a last ditch shot

Update is that Midland has not reappeared, but my rebuilding - wiping out about 10 baddies in a month - has flushed a couple other bottom feeders out. Smiley Sad

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Re: Midland taking a last ditch shot

From what I've read from different people is that Midland and they're methods aren't exactly kosher and they just try to get as much money from people as they can whether you really owe them anything or not. I had a judgment against me from Midland on my credit report for a credit card that I never used and closed, but somehow over the years they kept hiking up the price that I supposedly owed them ( which was $0 by the way) until finally they took me to court which I was never notified of at the time and didn't find out till years later when I saw it on my credit report!! I recently disputed the judgment and it was removed from all 3 of my reports. My advice would be to just ignore them, especially if you don't owe them anywhere near the amount they claim or at all. Eventually they'll give up and move on bc they know they haven't been 100% honest and they can't get you to pay. It's worked so far for me.

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