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Mopping up

Mopping up

Without going into messy details suffice it to say that I paid off a few accounts, negotiated pay offs on a few, and finally ended up declaring bankruptcy on the remainder. My reports seem mostly accurate with 1 blaring exception on all 3. A single company that I negotiated with and paid off years ago, before the bankruptcy. I had 2 different accts with them, and apparently they cleared one, but not the other as they were supposed to do.


So there it sits on my CR's, looking at me hatefully.


What do I need to do about it? Do I try contacting the company to prod them to fix it? Or the Reporting Agencies to report the error? Or both? I don't mind dealing with the company, it is paid off after all, but I don't expect them to "help me", especially with something that's probably buried in their financial systems. What documents EXACTLY do I need to get from the company to prove to the CRA's that the entry needs to be fixed/removed? Or how do I motivate the company to fix it for me?

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Re: Mopping up

If it is not showing as paid/settled(whichever applies) then you can either contact the creditor and ask them to report accurately or you can dispute with the CRA.


However, before you do this, can you post exactly what is reporting. If you access your reports online, I suggest copy/paste it exactly, leaving out sensitive information.


Depending on how it is reporting, having it updated to "settled" could negatively affect you.


There are some instances where it beneficial to leave accounts inaccurately reporting.

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Re: Mopping up

Here's the picture on the one I paid off before Bankruptcy
(The "late payments" stop at the time of the bankruptcy filing btw...?)

Status as of Oct, 2004 "Paid account/was a charge-off"

Date opened     Jul, 2003
Date of last activity     Oct, 2004
Date of last payment     Not Reported
Date closed    Not Reported
Account number     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Loan type     Note Loan
Credit limit     Not Reported
Largest past balance     Not Reported
Terms     36 Months
Account Type     Installment
Account holder     Individual
Scheduled payment amount     Not Reported

None on Record

While I was looking at the one above I came accross this one on my report,  it's just plain weird! In reality it was listed and discharged under the Bankruptcy yet, they seemingly never closed the account and just keep reporting me as "missing payments", for the PAST SEVERAL YEARS!!!??? Which abruptly stops last Jan 08' (even though the Bankruptcy discharged in 05')

First Premier Bank (Ya, I know, they're evil)
Status as of     Jan, 2008 "Paid account/was a charge-off"
Date opened     Jan, 2004
Date of last activity     Jan, 2008
Date of last payment     Nov, 2004
Date closed     Not Reported
Account number     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Loan type     Credit Card, Terms REV
Credit limit    Not Reported
Largest past balance     Not Reported
Terms     Not Reported
Account Type     Revolving
Account holder    Individual
Scheduled payment amount Not Reported

None on Record

30 days late:      2 times
60 days late:     1 time

90+ days late:     24 times (Dec 2007, Nov 2007, Nov 2007, Sep 2007, Aug 2007, Jul 2007, Jun 2007, May 2007, Apr 2007, Mar 2007, Feb 2007, Jan 2007, Dec 2006, Nov 2006, Nov 2006, Sep 2006, Aug 2006, Jul 2006, Jun 2006, May 2006, Apr 2006, Mar 2006, Feb 2006, Nov 2004)


I'm not sure what to do about this. Can I send a copy of the Bankruptcy listings and discharge to the CRA's and have the 2nd one of First Premier wiped or re-listed as bankruptcy discharged??? (I've heard dealing with FP is a major nightmare). Is this even legal?

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Re: Mopping up

So, does anyone understand what this is about?
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