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My scores SUCK!!!

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My scores SUCK!!!

I filed BK ch 7 in April- I had a lot of charge offs, collections and even a judgement and repo so I figured the best way to get all of that off my report was to file BK.  It was discharged in November 2011.  I immediately got a Cap 1 secured card with a $200 limit, I had to send them $49.  I received my first statement and I have already made 2 payments to them.  I just enrolled in that free program that Cap 1 offers but I haven't received my welcome packet yet so I'm not really sure what it was about.  I did the free trial on here and received my Fico Score...I was horrified when I saw it was only 517.  I have student loans that I am scheduled to start paying on in January and I intend to combine them all and get the lowest payment I can so I can make on time monthly payments on them and I plan to do the same with my Cap 1 card.  My TU report is UGLY, I have like 5 collections due to fall off through out 2012 and then the rest will start to fall off each year after that.  What else can I do now to start getting my score to go up?  Any suggestions?  I have been just sick since I pulled my score and saw how UGLY it really is. 

Starting Score: 517
Current Score: 517TU 566 EQ(lender denial-WFNNB)
Goal Score: 640

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Re: My scores SUCK!!!

Start reading everything you can on this website.  Devote a lot of time to learning and educating yourself from this post (click here). 


Hang in there and, please know that I wish you the best!

Husband's Current Score: EX 691 CUSC; EQ 694; TU 687; Mine: EX 773 (AMEX); EQ 720; TU 750
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Re: My scores SUCK!!!

I feel for you man,


Hey, at least the BK went through. The sky is the limit for you now, my friend.


Just make sure you stay up with your payments and you should be in the 700 range in no time.


Best of luck.

Starting Score: EQ: 600, EX: 580, TU: 599
Current Score: EQ: 710 on 01/22/12, TU: 763 on 02/02/12, EX: 753 on 1/28/13
Goal Score: EQ: 775, TU: 775, EX: 775

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