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Re: NCO Financial

do not talk to NCO, talk to affes ONLY. specificaly the treasury offset program. this is where your taxes, ect are getting taken and sent to. you can call AFFES directly, but 9 times outta 10 you will get some idiot who will tell you to talk to NCO.


if NCO keeps contacting you, them you are negotiating directly with AAFES, and not to contact you. send this also in writing.


i had the same problem last year for a star card, but my taxes were taken and the bill paid in full. if you want to prevent this talk to treasury offset program, however once you are at this point your pretty screwed and they WILL take ALL your tax return ect.



here is the number for trewasury offset:

  • Toll Free: (800) 304-3107
  • or just google tresury offset program

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    Re: NCO Financial

    Thank you for the info.  Is there anything that I have to do to make sure they do not take any more money? I called Army & Airforce Exchange but they keep telling me they don't own the debt anymore and that I have to talk to NCO.  This is why I sent DV by CMRRR.  They still have not sent proof of why we owe so much.  I called the number for the Treasury Offset Program and they say that the tax refund has been applied to the debt.  I just want to make sure that they do not take any more money that is not theirs.  Did you ever get your money back?  Or did they just keep your tax refund?  How do you stop them from taking your money?  Thank you.

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    Re: NCO Financial

    they should be able to tell you how much you owe at treasury offset, and weather or not they need to take anymore money or whatnot.


    they WILL take ANY form of government money they can (stimulus checks, va disability, gi bill money, social security ect) however they are required to only take a portion of money out from va disability or ss or whatnot but things like stimulus checks or tax refunds they can take the WHOLE THING (because it is not seen as a constant income flow, but more like "extra" money)


    iff they took your whole refund, ask them when they will apply it. you should also recieve 2 letters, one from the irs saying your refund was sent to treasury offset, and one from treasury offset saying what was applied to the debt and how much you still owe.


    these letters will come in about 4-6 wks from when you filed your taxes.


    they didnt take all my money, because my tax return paid the whole debt and what was left over they sent to me directly by EFT.


    i have NEVER heard of the treasury making a "mistake" where they took more then they needed too. but it that does happen i'm sure they will give it back...


    also, once you are in treasury offset you CAN NOT get them to stop taking your money, because the reason you are there is you igonred the paperwork asking to pay the bill before that point. it is concidered a government debt, it WILL go on your public record as a federal debt, and it will remain on your credit report until paid in full. it WILL effect your scores as well, but as soon as it is paid the public record will be removed.


    mine was on my credit report and i didn't know as my ex husband was supposed to pay it off. he didn't and because i was a joint user and they could find me they garnished my money. my ex never filed his taxes so they couldnt get it from him


    also the amount NCO said i owed was MUCH higher then what the treasury offset program said i owed and garnished my taxes for. i believe the extra from NCO was intrest (applied monthly) and their "fees" and crap. yeah the treasury offset wont make you pay that. try pulling you credit report and seeing if treasury offset is on there, it should tell you correct balance...

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    Re: NCO Financial

    Thank you so much for all of the info.  You have been very helpful.
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    Re: NCO Financial

    your welcome! i hope everything works out for you Smiley Happy
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    Re: NCO Financial

    I have been trying to find information on this very topic :-) 


    My husband has a star card that got behind at the end 2007. We tried to contact them to negotiate payments to bring it back up to current. They did accept some payments but then we stopped getting statements and notifications from them, then they said they transferred it. The next spring (2008) my husbands tax return was taken and a letter came stating that it was for the treasury offset.. etc. We contacted AAFES to find out about paying off the remainder of the debt and they stated that they could not take the money because a collection agency had it now and would not tell us who the collection agency was.

    So then we got a letter from OSI collections stating that we owed them something like $6500 and that they received our payment of $900 (taxes) but the way the breakdown looked, it seemed like nothing came off principal and it only came off of their "fees".


    A lawyer friend suggested that we request original contract from AAFES, something about the amount collection agencies can tack on and about them not being allowed to pay themselves first. The original debt is only $4500 but OSI apparently added near $3000 to that. So we requested them, never came, requested again, nothing came.

    Well flash forward to present, we have moved, hubby is overseas, I'm trying to work on the credit again (brought his up over 100 points in one year). AAFES is still showing on the credit reports of course and they show it as a "transfer" but OSI has never showed and we have not heard from them since that one single letter. And we put in a forward when we moved. With taxes coming up I don't know what to do because I want to pay the original debt owed, the $4500 and maybe some extra to get things squared away, I don't care. I just don't want OSI to take our $3000 tax return and send us a letter saying we still owe $4000 from "fees".

    We haven't filed taxes yet and have the cash to pay full amount but AAFES is still playing the "we don't have it game, and we can't tell you who does"  

    Any suggestions?? 

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