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NCO and Time Warner Cable; not yet reporting.

Long story short as I just typed the whole story in detail but it got erased..  Time Warner Cable sold my account to NCO. 


8/28/12 - disconnected TWC service; was advised I would receive a final bill.  9

9/19/12 received a dunning letter from North Shore Agency dated 9/17/12  for $100.xx.  Called TWC and they advised I would receive a pro-rated  bill for a lesser amount. 

10/8/12 - logged on TWC website; shows a statement was issued 10/1/12 for $100.xx with a due date of 10/12/12.  Called CSR and paid in full; advised of the collection letter and he put in a ticket to have it updated with CA.

10/9/12 - Received call from NCO Financial for TWC account with a balance due of $17.00.  Called TWC collections and was told the account had been charged off and sold to NCO.  I asked why they let me PIF the day prior; and he had no answer.  Stated I could pay $17 (NCO's collection fee) to TWC and they would remit to NCO; or I could pay directly through NCO.  Called TWC retentions supervisor; who agreed that this account should not have been placed in collections; she put a ticket in to escalate. 

10/10/12 - Called executive customer service with TWC who felt the account should not have been sold to NCO and that I should not be responsible for the fee.   They put in a ticket for resolution.

10/10/12 - Sent DV letter to North Shore and NCO.


My dilemma; I don't want this to report to the CRAs.  Should I pay $17 to NCO before they report?  Or will this merely cause them to report a Paid Collection.  I am hoping that TWC can resolve this; but I want to be as proactive as possible.

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Re: NCO and Time Warner Cable; not yet reporting.

Hopefully TW is pullilng it back for NCO.  Give them just a bit and see if that happens.

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Re: NCO and Time Warner Cable; not yet reporting.

TWC executive team is standing by the fact that the account being given to collections is valid.  Regardless of the fact that they issued a statement on 10/1 requesting payment by 10/12; they sent it to collections on 10/4.  They will not recall the debt.  They advised me that I could either pay TWC the $17 and they would remit to NCO; or I could pay NCO directly.


I'm really scared as I'm set to close in November.  I sent the DV today; and they have not reported yet.  I'm scared they may report between today and whenever the DV arrives.  I've tried Googling to see past experiences; but I can't find a situation similar to mine.  


Any thoughts on whether paying the $17.00 NCO collection fee within the dunning period is a horrible idea or a crap shoot.  Though technically I only received a dunning letter from North Shore.. nothing received yet from NCO.

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