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NCO deleting!

I got a letter from NCO on jan 11Th for deletion of a paid closed account to all 3 credit bureaus. How long will it take for them to update and remove? I can't wait to see that score watch alert! 

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Re: NCO deleting!

Usually within 30-45 days.  Congrats!

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Re: NCO deleting!

i can't thank enough to you shogun and everyone on this forum... The knowledge and time and encouragement  everyone has given me has turn my life around...  

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Re: NCO deleting!

Congrats on the deletion, that's great!

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Re: NCO deleting!

WOW thats awesome congrats!!!!

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Re: NCO deleting!



Can you help me out, I just paid Direct TV for a balance in full, and NCO has updated my account to P-Paid, but the mortage company said that I need to have them remove it from my report not to say still in collection P-Paid in order for my credit report to go FICO score to go up.  Can you please assist me on what I can do now, to have this removed.  Any help will be good, thanks.

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Re: NCO deleting!

Can you please send me the contact information for NCO?

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Re: NCO deleting!

Rein -

CONGRATULATIONS!! I myself have been on a long road to clean up a bad credit report left to me by my mother. 


NCO is the last and only account standing between me and a clean credit report, and I can't get a hold of anyone that will help me.  Any contact information you could share with me (in a PM) would be much appreciated.


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Re: NCO deleting!

Congrats!! Please if you can give me the contact for NCO I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

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Re: NCO deleting!

Did you specifically request a deletion?  If so, how?  I disputed an amount, and they sent back a letter saying the account has since been closed.  Since they could not verify the amount, I am operating under the assumption they give up.  If they give up, is there a process under which they will delete the tradelines?

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