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National Asset & Risk Ma - fast response!

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National Asset & Risk Ma - fast response!

Last Friday I mailed off my PFDs and received my first response today!  I owe $160 to National Asset & Risk and sent a letter requesting 50% settlement and PFD; they responded via mailed letter that for $100 they will settle AND remove all credit bureau reporting.  Yay!  I sent off payment down....I hope the others go as smoothly...

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Re: National Asset & Risk Ma - fast response!

Wow, that's great news, one delete down and one more to go.


Just so you know, incase you didn't know already.Smiley Wink

Just make sure in the settlement letter, it states something like this...

" considered Paid in Full" or " settled for less then full amount, but considered Paid in full"

Just so, they don't come looking for the balance later.


Thanks for sharing, your Happy News with us tonight.

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Re: National Asset & Risk Ma - fast response!

How exactly did you word you PFD?  I sent them a letter a few months ago offering to pay a little more than 50% of the balance and they refused my offer.  Would you be able to PM me the original letter you sent?  Thanks for the post.

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