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National Credit Systems help

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National Credit Systems help

I have a joint lease from 2009 where I signed for my ex who broke the lease and never paid them a dime. I received one letter from the apartment complex after she moved out showing the balance owed of $2700 but I have never received anything from a collection company. Now there is of course a collection account on my credit report. I don't want to wake a sleeping giant because according to my ex they send her letters constantly and call at least once a day being rude. Again they have never called me or anything but I do need to get this removed because I want to buy a house this year. I spoke with a co worker who said to send them a "return to creditor" letter because he doesn't think they actually own the debt. If this is true and they don't own the debt can I legally make them stop trying to collect and return it to the apartment complex and just pay them in full?

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Re: National Credit Systems help

There are two types of CAs: those that own the debt and those who are assigned the debt. Both are allowed to collect, both can report, and both can sue. In short, that CA can call, bug, and collect. Now if assigned, you can always ask the OC to recall the debt and see if they are willing to accept a payoff for doing so. Otherwise, send a DV to the CA. If they verify and you agree, then send a PFD to the CA (not the OC because they don't report).

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