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Need advice with Sprint Collection

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Need advice with Sprint Collection

I received a call today from Sprint collections agency stating I owe a bill in the amt of $705.00.  The phone was for my dtr who was paying the bill until things get rough. She didn't tell me the bill was way over due because she wanted to handle it herself. But, then I got a call today stating the past due bill. Since the bill is in my name I'm responsible for it. Is there anyway I talk the collection agency in lowering the amount of the bill.  I know from past experience that CA can be very agressive and don't want to hear anything you have to say.

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Re: Need advice with Sprint Collection

Have you received a dunning letter from them?   Is it a CA or just the collections dept. of the OC?  If it's a CA then send a DV and see exactly what it is.  

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Re: Need advice with Sprint Collection

I have had success talking to Sprint directly, bypassing the CA.


They did reduce the amount of my bill and remove it when it was paid. 


I think it depends on the CSR you talk to.

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Re: Need advice with Sprint Collection

Sorry for the late bump, but found this on the topic also

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