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Need help with a couple of baddies

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Need help with a couple of baddies

In the quest to improve my score- therefore my life. I signed up onto Quizzle to view my report. In the negative section its showing this:

Closed Account/Negative Account

Account DetailsPayment HistoryContact Info


2. Account Type: Collection Department/Agency/Attorney - Bulk Purchase Finance

  • Amount Past Due: $725                    
  • Monthly Payment: $0
  • Last Payment Date:                            --                    
  • Owner: Individual/Open Date:Mar 13, 2012                    
  • Original Balance: $725
  • Term: 1 months
  • Original Creditor: CREDIT ONE BANK N.A.                    
  • Account in Dispute            No

In the last week, just by reading  this site  it has really assisted me. But I could really use some help on this can some please explain. What should I do? Is this something I should dispute?




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Re: Need help with a couple of baddies

OP, I split your post to form a new one here. I had to edit the title, but changed nothing else. If you'd like to change the title, click "Options" and then "Edit Message".


The first account doesn't give a clear picture on what is or isn't wrong. Quizzle isn't very good in classifying certain accounts, though the report data is OK. Be sure to ignore their score. Also pull your full reports from for more info.


The second acct looks to be a CA collecting from a Credit One acct. I don't see anything wring with the reporting and from that, I wouldn't dispute. I would though send a DV letter. If they verify and you agree, then send a PFD. If they agree in writing, then pay it and they'll delete.

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Re: Need help with a couple of baddies



By looking at the accounts below, it looks like the account was sold. Was the original creditor in first listing Credit One? if so your last payment on the account back in 2006 was July, the DOFD may have been before this date or it may be the next month august. Depends on if you were late or not before the July payment. The new company purchased the debt as of March 2012 and of course added there fees. The DOFD will always dictate when it falls off your credit report, at the latest it should fall off as of 7.5 years from the latest date that you would have been delinquent which would be the August 2006 date, which would be February of 2014. The original creditor is showing a balance of 0  which is correct.  Both of the TL should fall off at the same time since the DOFD dictates how long they can stay on.




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Re: Need help with a couple of baddies

Thanks.  Any suggestions as to the best course of action?

  • Should I wait it out?(I've forced myself in the garden)
  • Should I pay and negotiate  the payment amount to the original debt amount?

I'm still learning, but would like to take  true control of my situation.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.( I love this board!)


Working everyday... to be better and wiser.
Goal: 710-750

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