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New CA call

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New CA call

Hello all, last week I received a call from a collection agency about a debt.  he harrassed me on the phone badly.  When I told him I would not send him any money or agree to pay any money until I received a letter in the mail about the debt and how I can validate it he told me just by talking to him it has been validated.  If I don't moake payment now a judgement will be sought.  I hung up on him.  Yesterday he called back and told me the same things he told me before.  Well five minutes into his ranting he let slip what the collection was for and I just so happen to have proof that I paid it two months ago to a law firm who threatened the same thing.


To make a long story short. They will be sending me a letter about the debt after they check with their law firm about payment.  Is their anyway I can sue them for their harassing phone calls??? I'm fed up with these collection agencies and everyone I have had contact with, or no contact with(in the case of Jefferson Capital), has ended up in a complaint to the BBB, AG and FTC.

08/28/08 TU 568 EQ 512 Ex 545
10/06/08 TU 550 EQ 522 EX 545

Thanks to all board members for their insight and wisdom.
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Re: New CA call

Yes, if they harrassed or abused you in the phone calls or threatened legal action they can not take or have no intentions of taking, you can file suit against them.


However, did you record the calls? If so, check your state laws regarding recording telephone calls. If not, what proof do you have other than your word?


If you are certain this is paid, I would send them a DV CMRRR.


Who was the law office collecting for? I would call them and ask what they got to say about this CA collecting.

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