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New credit help!

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New credit help!

So I received my new First Progress card on feb 1, the statement that came a few days later said the payment was $29 with a due date of march 1.

According to the statement, the statement closing date was feb 4. 

I paid it as soon as it came in and when I checked online the payment had posted.

Since no one ever explained to me the proper use of credit cards, I'm confused!

If I use the card again before march 1 is that due by march 1?

How do I keep a small balance so it posts a $30/10 or less utilization? And when do I pay it so I don't pay interest?

It should be simple, but for some reason I can't get my head around it!



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Re: New credit help!

i got my first progress card too. I got it in January used it, paid off the $77. I am rebuilding my credit score. I am going through Omegacreditrepair  My friend referred, me. It is referral only. Anyway I had never heard of first progress, I hadn't checked my credit or had any open credit since 2007. They recommended credit gecko and choose secured card, my case worker said first progress everyone liked, they report to all 3. SHe gave me a tip. A customer was using every month paying off, every month and yet they were reporting balance. This is because they actually report to the 3 credit agencies on the 15th. Yep.So use it and pay it off by the 15th let it sit, then around the 20th use again, although I used mine for an oil change yesterday. $33. I will pay it off right away, and wait.Some useful information. LOL. Disregard the date that is like any the bill the statement date plus 30 days, they report on the 15th so use, pay right away, sit wait..repeat..this is my only card open right now. Looking to get another one as i have read it is best to have 2-4 but i would rather have a decent limit not all 4 with only $300 limit, so im just waiting. They told me to just get one for now. I haven't pulled asked for update on my score. Started 12-12-12 open card 01-12-13. 


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Re: New credit help!

100th post!!  lets see if I can help you out OP:


Credit Card billing statements are like a snapshot in time of what your credit card activity is up to a specific date.  That date is called Statement Closing date.


All billing statements cover a specific period of time starting with the day after a billing statement's closing date to the next Billing statement closing date.


Look on your statement for the Specific dates which that statement covers.  It should give you a start and end date.


Any charges made to a credit card after the Statement Closing date will appear on the next Billing Statement.

For example if your Statement Closing Date is February 4th and you make a charge on February 5th, that new charge will appear on your next billing statement, NOT on the billing statement which ended on February 4th.


Credit card companies have to use a specific billing period per statement in order to cut an accurate statement of activity for you to pay.


So the answer to your question is that any charges made after your February 4th statement will not be due on March 1st but rather they should appear on the next statement and probably have a payment due date of April 1. 


Hope that helps.  Grats on the card!! 

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Re: New credit help!

Awesome! Thank you!!!

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