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Newbie Needs Contacts for Goodwill Letters

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Newbie Needs Contacts for Goodwill Letters

I am new to the board so any advice you have is welcome.  I've been reading the various posts and messages for the past couple of weeks.  I am considering writing goodwill letters to Citi, Discover, and Chase.  I am confused on what is the best address or email to use for these letters.  As of right now, these are the only 3 negative items on my credit reports.  Late pays but I am back on track financially and paying on time each month and more than the minimum.  Discover will be paid off in August and Citi in December, if not sooner.  Chase was paid off in September 2011.


Andy advice on where to send letters is appreciated.  I would like to join the 700 club by the end of the year.  I am currently at around 633 for my score. 

I'm not sure if this is realistic but you have to have a goal, right?

FICO Score 6/15/2012 TU631 EQ 633
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Re: Newbie Needs Contacts for Goodwill Letters

I'd start by mailing GW letters to the addresses on your CRs. That's the office/department that handles reporting. I'd then expand it out to their corporate address, address listed in their SEC filings, address listed in their privacy policy, address listed on any correspondence back to you, addresses listed in your statements, and so on. I always sent GWs every 30-45 days. Try calling too and ask for more addresses if they say no. I've seen quite a bit of success with Chase on here. Seen success with Citi and Discover too.

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