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Next move?

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Next move?

My Chapter 7 BK has dropped from EX and EQ this month and I just contacted TU asking them what's the hold up. They opened a dispute to hopefully rectify the report.  I was given the "It may take up to 30 days" answer that I've learned to except, yet still cringe at and hate to hear.


 I have a defaulted Cap One that is eligible to come off in February 2013, an HSBC default  in July 2013 and a Midland collection from the HSBC account in August. ALL of these are paid with  zero balance.  I've tried dozens of times to Goodwill to no avail even though I am currently Paid As Agreed with Orchard (HSBC) and Cap One for a couple months shy of two years now.


My qustion would be should I start to solicit the CRA's to remove these accounts as they become near their drop off dates or let nature take it's course?  Having these collections and defaults at near seven years, is it hurting my score's or helping my AAoA enough to where it actually benefits me?


It's been a long journey and nothing is more important than time and timely payments when it come to a good credit history. I started in the 500's and  currently at 695 TU and 686 EQ. I owe the myFico Forums bigtime and always appreciate the advice.  Looking forward to the day when filling out Credit Apps doesn't make me nervous.

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Re: Next move?

You can try to get the CRA's to remove them but you may just have to let them fall off.

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