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Ok.. since I'm fairly new to this.. I need a little help.

I recieved a phone call from Palisades collection a couple weeks ago. Claiming that I owed them some money for an AT&T cell bill. I thought it was bogus since I've been with T-mobile for over 8 years.


I asked them to mail me something validating the debt. They did.. it was from 2002! A business partner had kept a phone that was on our plan (I had signed on it) after we agreed to turn them in.


For some reason, AT&T had never notified me about this, and I'm assuming just sold the collection account. Fine.. I called back yesterday to pay. (They have NOT reported on my credit, and I wanted to head that off at the pass) paid in full over the phone, with their assurance that it wouldn't report on my credit.


Just pulled my experian report, and I'll be damned! There is an inquiry from them yesterday! CRAP!


I need to get this off...


So the question is.. does the company that pulls the inquiry have the ability to retract it? And why the Hell would they pull it in the first place if I was paying them right then???



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Re: Ok.. since I'm fairly new to this.. I need a little help.

I doubt it was a hard inquiry, I assume they just soft pulled you as part of the process.  Who did you call and pay though, AT&T or the CA?  I assume you mean the CA. 

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Re: Ok.. since I'm fairly new to this.. I need a little help.

I assume, based on what was sent to you, that the DOFD on the OC account was more than 7 years plus 180 days ago.  As such, any reporting they make of their collection will be blocked from inclusion in your CR by the CRA, and thus wont see the light of day in your CR.  Additionally, depending upon your state SOL statute, the SOL on the debt has also most likely expired.  So I assume you have no legal obligation to pay the debt, and no expectation of it showing up in your CR as a collection.

It would still be beneficial to pay, but from a legal standpoint, you could decide not to.


However, your question goes to their ability to pull your CR.  In my opinion, yes.

Expiration of either SOL or credit report exclusion does not terminate their ability to continue to pursue collection of the debt, provided their actions comply with statute.

Permissible purpose for debt collector access is provided under FCRA 604, which has no statute of limitations on permissible purpose.

Kinda surprising that they would still want to investigate your potential to pay if you have offered to do so, but I dont see any statutory prohibition.


Perhaps a collection tactic on their part to apply pressure with one of the few remaining means at their disposal, having lost both the ability to sue and to get their collection posted to your CR.  Just one additional reason why paying such delinquent debt might still be beneficial.


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Re: Ok.. since I'm fairly new to this.. I need a little help.

I get that.. but literally, I called yesterday.. and paid while on the phone with them. Not even a "I'll call you back later and pay".


So it's like they took payment, then ran my credit?


Is there a way to tell on freecreditreport whether it was a soft or hard pull?

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Re: Ok.. since I'm fairly new to this.. I need a little help.

Yes creditors have the ability to "retract" an inquiry.  Yes you can dispute inquiries as well. 


Wether or not a CA (collection agent) has the "right" to pull your credit - I believe that will be up to the terms and conditions you agreed to with the OC (orig creditor).

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