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Old Debt - Maiden Name


Re: Old Debt - Maiden Name

As for your maiden name issue, I am experiencing the same thing...  Some very old debt in the wrong name. 


I called the 3 bureaus, and was told they won't change the name on my CR until I changed it with the original creditor.   Just a heads up.


How does someone obtain their entire credit file?

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Re: Old Debt - Maiden Name

I would have to agree with Guiness as the debt does fall off your CR it goes into our file at the CRA's. If you are getting a Mortgage for $150,000.00 or more there is a good chance the underwriter could request your whole credit file. The process of getting home loan now a days has become very long and difficult. I reside in IL as well. I had a consumer attorney handle my Credit Reports from all 3 CRA's.

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Re: Old Debt - Maiden Name

It is possible that they can pull your full credit file as said before.  I totally agree with that, however, this is not the norm.  It doesn't happen on a regular basis.  The asking of the question if you have any outstanding debt does come into play.  You want to answer truthfully, so I always suggest paying/settling these old debts. Even if it's 10% or so, you could honestly then say you don't have any unpaid debt.

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