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PFD Letters

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Re: PFD Letters

MrsQ wrote:

llecs wrote:
Just reread your post. If you have another OC account with the same CA, I'd wait until they respond to the PFD. If after a few non-responses, then I'd probably send the GW.

Thank You.

Another question, how many PFD letters are "enough"?

Brings back memories...for my Verizon Wireless, I had sent 50+ before they accepted. For a CA, I wouldn't go that far (I'd look for violations and go after them). I had a AFNI debt that I sent 7-8 PFDs before pointing out some FDCPA violations which did them in.
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Re: PFD Letters

MrsQ wrote:

I sent two out last week, and it was using the template that I found on this forum.

What I got back in the mail today, was a computer print out that only lists their client name, the amount owed, what was paid on the account, as well as the "date" the account went delinquent.  Is this sufficient "verification"?  On one of the accounts (water bill), they list a date of delinquency as a time when I was not living in the unit (this is the reason for the dispute). 2 years ago, I paid the water company so it would be removed from my credit and the amount was small ($58).The water company removed this from my credit file but the CA company still lists on my report.

The other is a medical bill for my son that my ex was court ordered to pay, but did not.  Since this is medical, and it would take more than the $400 that the bill is for, to take him back to court and have him pay it, should I just pay and then send the HIPPA forms/information to have them delete?



I am so frustated with this company but I am wondering what would be the best way to go, to get my score boosted.

Ok, thank you so much.  I got some advice regarding the med collection in another thread, so I will go that route to get the med collection off.  I guess with this water bill, I will have to send GW after GW until they get tired of seeing them in the mail.  There is nothing else I can really do since I already paid it.  But is this printout sufficient "verification" or were they supposed to send SOMETHING with my name on it on the company's letterhead or some sort of bill in my name with the company?

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