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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Dont forget about me! Id like the letter as well please :smileyhappy:

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Can someone please send me a copy of that letter as well?


Greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Can somebody please PM me the letter as well? Thanks!

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Great Job!!! Can you please send me the infomation as well. I am having a very hard time

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

2NE1 wrote:

PMs sent! :smileyhappy:

I have a couple of pd judgments can you send me the letter?

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Will someone PM me the letter as well? Thanks

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Can you send it to me too?  Thanks!!

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

dayum, you guys/gals are sure needy! :smileytongue: round of PMs sent ~ check your inbox! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

Don't forget me :smileyhappy:. Thanks
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Re: Paid Judgment Removed

I would love to have this info also if someone will please send it to me. Thanks in advance!

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