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Pay for deletion

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Pay for deletion

Okay, out of the blue a collection for 1st Crd SVC Collections appeared on my credit report. After some investigating, I learned that it is from a bill that I forgot to pay. I plan to pay in full asap. I have been working so hard for the past couple of years to clean up my I am really kicking myself. Before I give them my payment, so I ask for a "pay for deletion," or hope for the best afterwards. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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Re: Pay for deletion

You always have the option of first sending a debt validation (DV) request to the debt collector.

That option,depending on your circumstances and needs, has plusses and minuses.


I assume from your post that they never sent dunning notice, as they were required to have done within 5 days after reporting the collection to the CRA.

As such, any DV request at this point would be timely, and invoke an automatic cease collection bar on the debt collector.

The plusses:

You would get a respit from collection actiities on their part until they sent validation of the debt.  If you have any basis for challenging the legitimacy or amount of the debt, then you can ask for itemization and the name of the original creditor.

The minuses:

The cease collection bar imposed by a timely DV would temporarily close the door on any negotiations with them until such time as they choose to provide the requested validation.  Thus, it would put any PFD negotiations in limbo until validation was provided.


If the debt is legitimate, the DV route might not be the way to go if immediate deletion is your main goal.

They are apt, when you first offer your PFD, to inform you that they dont delte in exchange for payment.  You then can pursue it, or just pay without CR deletion and pursue deletion after the fact by way of good-will requests. 

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