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Paying Out of State Judgment

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Paying Out of State Judgment

I have a judgement for $685 dollars in Indiana and currently live in Chicago. I need to pay it off before closing on a new home in a few weeks.


How do I go about doing this? I need a receipt the the OC and docs from the court showing paid in full. How long does this generally take?


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Paying Out of State Judgment

My DH paid one off in 2010. It was a medical collection and the OC had us call their CA who had us call their attorney to get a notarized "Satisfaction of Judgment" that we then had to file with the courts. I'd assume if you call the OC or CA (depending on who has the debt now)  and pay it off they'd notify their attorney (I'm assuming they'd have an attorney since its a judgment but may be wrong) and then get you the Sof J. We live in the same city as where it was filed so I could just walk into the courthouse and get it filed the day after the notarized copy came in the mail. There were also instructions to mail it to the court. We're in WI and I just googled until I figured out how to handle it (like I said it was paid in 2010, but we just realized there were the extra steps to file it last week).

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Re: Paying Out of State Judgment

The creditor, under the rules of procedure of the court, is required to file notification of satisfaction with the court within a certain period of time.

Ask the creditor, at the least, to provide you a copy of their notification to the court.  It will facilitate both your informal showing to the mortgage lendor that it is paid, and your checking back with the court to get their actual recordation of that satisfaction.

Check the rules of civil procedure that apply in the judgment court to get that time period.

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