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Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

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Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

So, I want to preface this by saying not only am I new to this, you might deduce that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so no need to inform me of this  as you read it Smiley Wink


I had an account go into collections in 2010, from AT&T to EOS-CCA. The account was closed out - not a late payment. I moved to another continent and it got lost in the shuffle.

The debt was for $469. I  recently received an amnesty debt forgiveness of $281. I followed the link and signed in, wanting to get on this and have it gone, and saw the dollar amount I owed on the screen was not the amnesty amount($281), but the original debt amount($469). Like an idiot, I signed in and paid the $281. I then called CCA to ask if this would clear out the debt, and was told by the operator that she saw the payment and would update the claim as paid, but would not be able to remove it unless I paid the remaining $187 dollars over the phone, which I refused. How bad did I screw myself? Like I said, I'm dumb with this stuff and brand new to it. Is there any way to request the item be removed, or is it gonna stay until the deletion date?

Any information would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post, hope it makes sense..




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Re: Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

Your debt is paid.  What you did was accept a settlement and they updated to paid.  Being paid doesn't remove a collection from your report.


They are telling you if you pay the remainder they will remove it.  I would call them back and see if they will still honor that.


You can try a GW and see if it works for the amount you did pay.


Welcome to the forums.

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Re: Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

Thanks, Guiness56.

I would be willing to pay the remainder as suggested, but the operator told me the only payment accepted would taken on the phone. I was under the impression this should never be done that way. Is that correct?

If I was misinformed, I will gladly try that way!

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Re: Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

I wouldn't give my banking information to anyone over the phone.  If you have a different way of paying it would probably be ok.


Many have paid over the phone and nothing bad happened.

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Re: Paying an Amnesty Forgiveness(EOS-CCA)

Well, fired off a GW request. Thanks again for the advice!

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