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Paying off negative closed accounts RAISE credit score?

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Paying off negative closed accounts RAISE credit score?

Hello, I have 7 "closed and negative" accounts according to experian...


Does paying OFF these old negative debts acutally RAISE my credit score OR since they are old (3+ years) and "closed"does paying these off do nothing to the actual credit score?



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Re: Paying off negative closed accounts RAISE credit score?

Are you talking about OC accounts or CA accounts?  Sounds like you're talking about trade lines reported by the original creditors.  (if you don't know the abbreviations yet, there's a stickied thread that explains them at the top of this board)


Paying them off could help you if the balances are included in your utilization calculation.  If you pull your FICO score, sometimes your util is included in your "factors" at the top of your report.


They are impacting you less and less as time goes on.


If they are CA accounts, then paying them off generally would not help you.  In that case, you might be able to negotiate a PFD.  Paid CA's are just as bad as unpaid CA's in terms of score.  So deletion is the only that would "help" your score.  OC's generally will not negotiate for deletion, but you could try.


Paying off these accounts will help you on manual review, for instance, mortgage applications.  And I'm an advocate of paying off what you owe, even if it doesn't help your score.

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