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Please help me clean up my Credit Report!!!

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Re: Please help me clean up my Credit Report!!!

Equifax finally deleted the Cash Pro collection.  Bumped my score up 7 more points to 625.


still waiting on Sallie Mae GW, spoke with a rep and it sounded very promising!


Still waiting on my Motion to Vacate Default Judgment... fingers crossed that it goes through.  If it does I predict quite a jump! 


ALSO, still waiting on Capital One to show my new, and only open revolving account!  I think that should give me some points.  My statement was on the 21st but still nothing Smiley Sad



Many many thanks to Ilecs and Haulin!!!! Smiley Happy


PS.  This clean up stuff is very time consuming!

3/2010 - EX 555 (FAKO) EQ 542 TU 548
GOAL: 680+
Goal exceeded! - EQ - 712 TU - 701
2/2015 - 750+ across the board!
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