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Potential Emergency

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Potential Emergency

Hi all,

I got home from work today and there was a UPS notice on my door for a delivery that needed to be signed. I have to pick it up on Monday but am REALLY concerned as I am not expecting a package and sent out those PFD's a few weeks ago. Has anyone had this experience? Has a CA ever sent a response via UPS? Could this be a judgement notice or something? 

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Re: Potential Emergency

I read the other night about someone getting something from CA from UPS. I believe it was a no for PFD, but I'm not sure. Judgement would come from the Sheriff where I live.


Hopefully, someone will come along with an answer soon. Good Luck!

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Re: Potential Emergency

Agree with PP... my understanding is that it would cost them money to report to an additional CRA, so I doubt you'll be successful Smiley Sad  However, it can't hurt to try!
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Re: Potential Emergency

OP, isn't there a tracking number on the slip? If so, go to and you can see where it shipped from at the least.
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Re: Potential Emergency

I was going to there an originating zip code on the slip?  Check the letters you sent for the same zip.


OR...go to ups & say..."can I just see the envelope or package first"??  Smiley Wink

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