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Proper way to Goodwill a joint account?

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Proper way to Goodwill a joint account?

My wife and I were on a home equity loan jointly, therefore the baddies show up on both our reports.  Can we write one letter from both of us, or is it better to do them seperately?  This is how it is stated so far:


Wednesday, June 13 2012

Name of Account holder: XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX





Dear Madam or Sir,

We are writing to your company to ask for a measure of Goodwill. We have one account that unfortunately went 30 days late in September of 2011, and 60 days late in October of 2011. These late payments happened during the  term of November 2003 and December 2011. These marks were reflected on our Transunion, Equifax, and Experian Credit Reports.


At that time we were switching our direct deposits between banks, and we had auto debit set up to pay this account.  During this time we unfortunately did not have the correct amount in your bank to fully cover the auto-debit for the account in question.   We fully accept that this bill was our responsibility, and after the 60 day late, We paid the remaining balance on time, and in full. At the time this mix-up happened, we did not realize the circumstance and its direct effect on our credit report.  Had we known, we would have rectified this immediately and deposited the necessary amount to cover the payment.


My family has since learned from this mistake and we are now in a position to buy our dream home. However, our credit reports reflect this particular issue with this account from Comerica Bank.  We are asking for your assistance in deleting the two late payments (September 2011, and October 2011) from our credit reports. This mistake is affecting my family’s ability to pursue our dream home. We understand that you are under no legal obligation to respond to this request, but we hope you will find the circumstances regarding our two late payments to be forgivable. We hope you can find some empathy for our mistake, and note the majority of my payments were paid on time every month with the exception of these two payments.  




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