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Reaffirmed but listed as discharged?

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Reaffirmed but listed as discharged?

I filed for Chapter 7 in Oct 2008.  I reaffirmed my mortgage and vehicle loan but it shows on my credit report as both were discharged in BK.  I've been paying on both (paid off the vehicle now) promptly with no late payments.  I'm working hard on repairing my credit..  Is this the way these are normally listed on the credit reports?  Both say I owe nothing (true about the


I'm looking at getting a new vehicle loan in the next month or 3 so I'm trying to boost my scores (kind of hoping for December just so I can tax the IRS sales tax credit too on new vehicles, but will wait if my score doesn't improve).


Equifax 11/24/09 is 629





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Re: Reaffirmed but listed as discharged?

On the mortgage and auto trade lines you do not see a comment of reaffirmation of debt anywhere? What does the account status say Included in BK? If so  I would first try to have the creditor(s) fix it if that fails dispute it ( make sure you have the paperwork as proof of the reaffirmation of debt. The trade line should read some thing  like account status current with a remark of reaffirmation of debt.
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