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Rebuilding credit....What's the next step?

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Rebuilding credit....What's the next step?

Hi Everyone. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my credit. As of right now my FICO score is 612. A little than the 590 something I had last year lol I currently have Capital One Platinum CC and Credit One CC. On top of that I have also open student loans all of which I have been paying on time. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do as of this point to increase my credit score? 

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Re: Rebuilding credit....What's the next step?

Do you have anything bad reporting? Late payments? Charge offs? Collections?
You can get another card possibly secured try discover offers one that has an option to unsecure after 7 months
Use the AZEO method with these cards.
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Re: Rebuilding credit....What's the next step?

Read ABCDs 11 Rules to Credit Rebuilding.  This guy is a credit guru!  You'll learn a lot from reading that 1 post.


You should have 3 cards, ideally only showing a balance on 1, at less than 8.99% util.  There are other great pointers in his article.


Keep it up, you're in the right place, and on the right track!



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12/30/2017: 2 OC GW Recall Letters by regular mail
01/05/2018: 1 OC GW Phone Call
01/11/2018: 2 CA removed from all 3 bureaus, except 1 left on EQ
01/12/2018: Online TU request for EE of 6.5 year old charge-off
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