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Removing delinquency mark on credit report

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Removing delinquency mark on credit report



My father and I (co-signer) on Wells Fargo Dealer Services Loan have a delinquency mark on our credit reports for going past a 30-day mark for making a car payment, with a total of two months late on the account. A rep for WFDS called me about it being on our credit report and if we don't make the payments our account would be sent to collections.


The car loan is fairly new: I purchased the car in November and have made payments up until April and May. On 5/31 and 6/4 I made $270 payments on the late payments for those months. I am currently up to date on all my payments and plan to pay a little more than the minimum balance each month. 


My job is commission based only and I didn't want my father to worry about the payment, so I figured I could make the missing payments once I had been able to- which would have been on 6/4. 


My credit score is fairly new- the car loan was what kickstarted it from a 0 to 670. And my dad's was at a 790 and it is now at around 740. I just turned 21.


I am wondering if there is anything that I can do to remove those charges our credit reports. I have called WFDS and they gave me information on who I can write a letter to explaining my circumstances. I understand that ultimately it was my fault but if I can do anything to at least get my dad's back to where it was that would be ideal. Also, I just had the brakes on the car replaced ($200) which also hindered me from being able to make the payment.


Has anyone else had any prior experience with WFDS in these types of circumstances and how did it go? What do you reccomend I do?


Thank you for replying! 

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