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Repay collections without a negative impact?


Repay collections without a negative impact?

I have been reading as much as possible but want the experts to give me some input. I have a somewhat limited positive credit history. I have found out a while ago that there are 2 negative accounts listed on collections. I don't know what one of them is from but I can guess the other.

First and foremost I want to keep the upwards momentum of my FICO but I'd like to clear the 2 negative marks that where listed in early 2010.

What can one do? I already have the collectors contact information. Would calling them and inquiring about the accounts cause them to re-report them and impact my credit score?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Repay collections without a negative impact?

Welcome to the forums!

I'd suggest reading the following:

Common Abbreviations

Credit Scoring 101 - great for knowing what is in your credit score and to see how your score is impacted.

What Steps Do I Take - great for learning the repair process.

and Example letters - PFDs, GWs, DVs, etc.



I'm no expert (experts are the ones in the middle of repair; they are in the hunt), but throwing out my 2 cents, the official word is that paying a collection, and likewise, calling them won't result in a score change if these are CAs. Now I've seen examples of payments resulting in a drop. I've also seen where payments resulted in no change. And a few swear that a payment caused an increase, though I can say with certainly that wasn't the case.


If you have 2 CAs reporting, then mail each a DV letter. If they verify in writing and you agree, then send a PFD. If they agree in writing, then pay it and they'll delete. A paid CA is equally bad as an unpaid one. You'd want it off.

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Re: Repay collections without a negative impact?

Hey, thanks for the welcome and thankyou for the information. I'll have to check it out.

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