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SO Grateful....NFCU

I finally called to get my own membership, and I was in as a joint.  However, DH owed $81 on a ck account from after his back injury.  I paid it over the phone, they deducted the fees off the top, and told me to call back on Monday to reopen that account.  W O W ! ! !



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Re: SO Grateful....NFCU

Thats so great! I love NFCU - they seem to work so well with their members. 



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Re: SO Grateful....NFCU

They DO...that's exactly WHY I will be investing with them in the near future.  Their savings pays higher than my they'll be getting that as well.  What goes around, comes around.


And May I add that I LOVE my BIL for getting us in.

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Re: SO Grateful....NFCU

Great customer service, that's great! :smileyhappy:

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Re: SO Grateful....NFCU

They are swell.

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Re: SO Grateful....NFCU

Yah wish I could find a way in to that CU  :smileysad:

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