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Secured credit cards

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Secured credit cards

What are the best secured credit card to get besides Capitol One, I already have one with them. Thanks
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Re: Secured credit cards

BofA, I have one and have nothing but positive things to say. Plus you can add 1-2-3 Rewards.
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Re: Secured credit cards

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Re: Secured credit cards

I am completely new to secured cards, but I just got a Wells Fargo secured card. The two nice things about that are that I am already a Wells Fargo customer, so all of my accounts are linked and I can see it all together, and that after 12 months of on time payments, they will automatically review for an unsecured card with them. I figured that would be a good way to start.


If anyone has Wells Fargo secured card experience, I'd love to hear it.

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Re: Secured credit cards

I have the wells fargo business secured card, just recently got it tho, I've just begun the rebuilding process and also have US bank LANPass(joint secured with my business parnter) and opensky secured.


Im totally new to the inner world of credit and the rebuilding process as well.

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Re: Secured credit cards

I have a WF secured - so far it's been pretty painless. I banked with them for years, and it took them a while to approve me for even a secured card. But I made a fairly large deposit in my checking account last summer, and the cust svc rep was like "Would you be interested in a secured card? I'm seeing a preapproval..." so here we are.

I like the fact that it's linked on the online screens, so easy to see totals, etc. Have had zero issues thus far.

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Re: Secured credit cards

With the Opensky card I applied online and they keep telling my that they can not verifiy me and that I need to submit to them several documentation to open the account. Can you tell me if that happen to you and how long was it after you submitted you funds did it take for you to receive your card.


I am in the rebuilding processing and I only have one secured visa with PNC bank with a small limit of $300 just open in Aug 2012. I spoke with someone at Southern Federal Credit Union and  they informed me to start some new credit. They stated not to worry so much about the old negative because they was not doing anything for me really by paying them since the was already charged off and collection from several ago. They also informed me that I at least need a 600 score to be able to get a car through them.

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