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Security clearance and unpaid CO

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Security clearance and unpaid CO

Any  knowledge as to how an unpaid CO might affect an application for security clearance. The suable SOL will be reached end of next month. I was considering  requesting a n $80 pfd to delete the $1500  CO. Any thoughts??

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Re: Security clearance and unpaid CO

As long as you are up front about it and show them you have a plan to deal with it, there should not be any issues.

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Re: Security clearance and unpaid CO

Depends on the clearance - govt and military do not allow any judgements or unpaid collections on your CR.


My DH had to pay (and was able to PFD) before he could be granted his.

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Re: Security clearance and unpaid CO

My brother-in-law just went through this same situation a little over a month ago. If you can't pay it off, at least try and set up a payment plan with the OC/CA. They don't like anything unpaid but if they see your making an attempt to resolve it, it  helps also. Whatever you do, make sure you disclose it on the form that asks for your credit information. If they find out about it ( and they will) and you don't have it listed, that is a big red flag to them. My BIL had a few paid collections and one in a payment plan and was hired.

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