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Should I dispute 30 day lates?

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Should I dispute 30 day lates?

Hi guys,


I was wondering if I should dispute some 30 day lates I have through Citifinancial Auto.  They have been bought out by Santander since I paid and closed the loan.  There are 3-4 30 day lates that I think are inaccurate.  I was thinking about disputing them online but since Citifinancial shut it's doors is there a chance that the entire TL will be deleted?


I'm not sure that I want it deleted.  The payment history is otherwise perfect.  My AAOA is 4.5 years.  This loan was only opened for just over 4 years.  If the TL gets deleted will it have a negative affect on my score? 


Also, the late payments recently hit the two year mark so is it even worth it to dispute them?

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Re: Should I dispute 30 day lates?

What is the asserted inaccuracy?  I would suggest that you have a well-documentated case of inaccuracy prior to disputing a minor derog.

With the account paid and closed, one way to simply avoid any FCRA disputes is to simply delete the account, thus removing any need to either verify your dispute or have to address any renewed dispute. 

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Re: Should I dispute 30 day lates?

I'm in the same situation-2 30 day lates with Citifinancial but they are reporting as 4 30 day lates. I talked to Santander and they have no records of the account.  If I dispute then the accounts will be removed.  It is 1 of 3 fully paid installment loans and I'm not sure if it will help or hurt me.

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