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Should i apply for a credit card?

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Should i apply for a credit card?

Hello i am new to myfico. I know my transunion credit score is 642, exquifax is 693 and experian 682. I have 1 homedepot creditcard with a cl of $500 opended since jan. 2014 i had a 60day late payment that ended may 2014 since then all on time. I got a auto loan and have a balance of $10000 on that currently opened march of 2016 all on time payments. I have one collection for $318 since 2014 from brighthouse currently disputing with transuion. "The only bureau that shows it" i have 4 hard inquires that fall off my report in may for transunion and like 10 for exquifax and experian that all fall around same time all mainly from car dealership ran a bunch inquires on me in one day. I have been thinking about wanting to get a actual credit card to help build more credit. Im thinking a capital one platinum card. Im worried about being denied though because of my 1 collection and my late payments in the past. Anyone have suggestions about what i could be approved for? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Should i apply for a credit card?

I would try credit card forums.
But i would try to get a pfd on the collection and check pre qualify sites to see what you get. If its a solid apr in the offer your chances are higher rather than a range
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Re: Should i apply for a credit card?

You can check if you pre-qualify on Cap one's site for that specific card. It does'nt hurt to check before actually applying. Make sure it for "pre qualifying"

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Re: Should i apply for a credit card?

Most of the major credit card companies also have prequal sites.  You can go check all of those.  But, I would go to Capital One.  If you're having problem on-line, give them a shout!


Also, you could probably qualify for a Discover secured card.


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