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Snotty Transunion Rep, MOV help

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Snotty Transunion Rep, MOV help

So I sent them a paper investigation to change my birthdate on file and dispute some accounts. I sent it certified and the day after they recieved it, they sent me an investigation complete email. My birthday wasn't update even after sending a copy of my DL and SSN card and only 1 collection was deleted so I decided to call. Got a snotty rep who changed my personal information and put the investigation back on things that came back verified after only 1 day. I asked MOV and he snottily said "We don't have to share that with you, we sent them notice that you dispute the account and they sent us back a message that said it was yours. We don't need proof from them!" WTH! How is it possible to verify information without proof?
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Re: Snotty Transunion Rep, MOV help

Its called E oscar Basically no onew really verifies anything It goes into a computer and the computer says yeah thats his account(not kidding) So then sen d second letter asking for MOV who they contacted what number did they receive any documents. By law they have to verify some sort of investigation and E oscar doesnt cut it. Im in the same problem with EQ and Afni right now.  FYI I had great success with Transunion and everyone was really helpful I always call at about 3:30 in the afternoon and I always get foreigners which is fine by me because they get the job done. Matbe thats when everyone is on lunch.  If it comes back verified again then dig into your pockets and send a DV to the CA they do have  to respond if they dont within 3 days send copies of letters sent to CA and tell the CRA to delete the account as they cannot keep reporting or they are in violation of the FCRPA. 

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Re: Snotty Transunion Rep, MOV help

I agree with the previous poster's response to you and synopsis of how the eOscar system works.  I don't agree with talking to the outsourced customer service reps because not once ever have I gotten help - and I'm ALWAYS being given the wrong info - my fave being that the DOLA is when the CRTP starts.  That makes me want to stab my ear with an ice pick, I swear.


I always ask to speak to a US rep.  Only once did the CSR really argue about it, and I know by law (or policy) they have to transfer immediately.  I read recently that EQ was sued twice for not having enough customer service reps answering the phones.  I do not like outsourcing.


BTW, most of the time the US rep doesn't have any better answers or help than the non-US reps. 


The good news is, if you get one that is mean or stupid, just call right back and you'll get another.



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