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TU...can't check status of dispute online?

Can't do ANYTHING online?  I've tried logging in for a week now and I just get an error screen that I can either call or write.  Is it TU or are they tired of hearing from me?

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

I've been able to check my status and even got an update this morning.


Give it a couple hours and try again if that doesn't work you might try


calling them and letting them know about your issues.

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

I've been having the same problem for weeks.  Also having problems with them not responding to mailed in disputes as well. 

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

That happened to me once and stayed that way until I actually bought a new report from TU.  Then it opened up the online dispute option again. 

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

I recently filed a dispute with all three CRAs. I had zero problems with online status and I had to keep checking TU since I couldn't believe they were taking so long.


EX and EQ completed dispute and updated in 2 days. TU took 29 days.

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

I had the same problem and I called them. They said if you file the dispute via phone or mail then you can't access the account online until the dispute is resolved. Once my dispute cleared I was able to access everything online and file my next rounds that way.

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Re: TU...can't check status of dispute online?

I have also heard that, if you dispute, what they feel in their mind, too many times, they will flag you as a "frivolous disputer" and will ignore you.  How long you are condemned to sit in the corner in the naughty chair -- I don't know. 

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