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Tax Liens

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Tax Liens

I have a bunch of tax liens on my credit report. Where can I look to see exactly what they are listed as and how much they are for?  Can that be done at the local court house?


Those are the last things that I need to take care of on my road to credit recovery. I haven't bothered researching this because I just don't have the money to pay them. Between personal state and federal taxes from a few years and some business related taxes (withholding and sale tax), I'm going to guess that the total is in the $20-$25k range. Most of it is listed as non-collectable at this time. I just have to work on getting the business taxes listed as that if they already aren't.  


I've heard that you can make an offer in compromise.  Pretty much see if they will accept a lower amount and forgive the rest to be done with it. Something that I've thought about but i don't even have the money to do that. If anyone has gone this route, is there usually a certain % that they will accept.  I guess the only way to possibly have these liens removed from my credit reports is to settle with them?



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Re: Tax Liens

TU and EX should very clearly list the Court where the record is filed.  Most County Recorders offices have online searches which may or may not have the option to purchase the record online.  In some cases you will need to send a letter with a check.   Do a google search for the County Recorders office.  If you put your name in the search, it should pull up the records.


Are your liens Federal, State or both?  Sounds like they are unpaid.  Take it from someone who KNOWS....the absolute worst thing you can do with a tax lien is to ignore it. Do SOMETHING...TALK to them. It's VERY unlikely you will be able to get the IRS to accept an offer in compromise...VERY few are.    The IRS is generally pretty easy to deal with in terms of payment plans.   If your liens are federal, are for less than $25k and you are in a direct debit payment plan with the IRS, they *may* be willing to withdraw their notice of lien(s).

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Re: Tax Liens

I am not a licensed tax attorney, nor a tax professional. All information below is from personal experience only.


Ok so with the disclaimer out of the way lol...


Well, you are talking about several different things here:


1. IRS FORM 433-F (collections statement)
Go to and pull it up. Follow the instructions. Long story short, the end result is the amount the irs will let you "live on". They will want the balance of that, your "disposable income" so to speak. If the there is none, you will be "currently not collectable", and theyll leave you alone.


2. OIC (offer in compromise)

OK so now is the big send them an offer and they decide yes or no on settling...BUT you must include X% as good faith at time of offer (10% or 20% range). If they say no they keep it anyway and apply it to the tax debt. I have read on numerous tax attorney forums etc over the last few years that the magic formula was 433 amount (see above) x24 months + 80% of property value (excluding residence). The 80% may not be right...its whatever "short sales" are considered to be, but its in that range. This would pay the debt, but not remove the lien on CR (but would be satisfied).


3. DDIA (direct debit installment agreement)

To my knowledge the ONLY way to completely remove a tax lien entry, as if it never existed, is through a DDIA. Long story short, thats just a payment plan (based on 433-F amount, or even less if under certain debt amounts) that they directly debit from your bank acct. After 3 consecutive payments from acct they will remove the entry (youll have to google the form number for that). Im sure its prob a few months after that to actually see it on CR, you know how slow these things can be. Just processing time.


Anyway thats all I got. More up-to-date info on the net im sure. If you can afford it, I would get a tax attorney to do all this for you. Trust me, doing it all yourself is time consuming and somewhat frustrating, but it IS doable.


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Re: Tax Liens

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Re: Tax Liens

guiness56 wrote:

What do you mean they are listed as non-collectable?



Meaning I have no money, assets and am lucky to have toilet paper so I don't have anything that I can pay at this time.  I'm still listed as oweing it but they don't pursue collections, send me letters ect... 


A few links with good info that I've come across -


I'll put out copies of my credit reports and contact the local court house to see if they have anything listed. I searched for info about me on the computer at the local distict court but the liens weren't listed.  Just a judgement that I filed and won against someone in '08. 

Cap 1 - $23,000 / Lowe’s - $17,000 / Barclay Rewards - $16,400. / Capital 1 - $15,000 / Walmart - $15,000
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Re: Tax Liens

To my knowledge the ONLY way to completely remove a tax lien entry, as if it never existed, is through a DDIA. 


Form 12277,  Application for Withdrawal of Filed From 668(Y), Notice of Federal Tax Lien will achieve this. IRS accepted my OIC and once paid and in compliance with all things IRS (no other unpaid years, ect),  the filed 12277 resulted in withdrawal of lien from CR. State is entirely another matter:-(

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