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Re: Thank you and things I learned along the way.....

beamMEup wrote:

helplessintn wrote: 
My scores went up adding a CC at 595, but I doubt that would be true if I already had open credit cards.

helpless - I'll bet others with a score sitting below 600 are anxious to learn which card you added.


Orchard Secured - $200.  I did the pre-approval thing online to see which to qualify for, since it doesn't do a 'hard' pull.  The FICO simulator thought it would help, and it was right. 

I'm sure that's not true for everyone, but it did help in my situation where I had absolutely no available credit.
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Re: Thank you and things I learned along the way.....

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Fairly new here, but CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!




Now how do I get my scores to stay as a signature line on my posts??:smileyindifferent:



Got it!!:smileyhappy:

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Re: Thank you and things I learned along the way.....

msloryn wrote:
I'm confused. I see a lot of posts on here that state that the SOL for cell phones is 2 years???


They are citing 47 USC Sect. 415 of the Telecommunications Act. The 2 yr SOL was incorporated into the law in 1938, long before cells. I've seen many a person sued long after the 2 years has passed. 


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