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Throwing stones from the garden

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Throwing stones from the garden

I'm approaching the end of my rebuilding phase as I have 3 medical collections remaining on EQ, 1 on TU, and none on EX.  I have accepted the fact that the judgment is not coming off for another 3 years and Cap one will be around for another 18 months. 


Nevertheless, I am soooo close to 700 I can taste it.  I would really like to get to 700 by the summer.  I am currently at 681 on EQ and 675 on TU.  Bummer, as this was over 700 before the judgment caught up with me...dang data trolls.


I am starting the HIPAA process to help rid me of these pesky medical collections.  Hopefully by May they will be gone!!


Wish me luck!!

Starting Fico Feb 2011 EQ 570 TU 580 EX ?
May 2014 EQ 709 EX 684 TU discover 665

Closed on first home April 26, 2012!
Last app August 2, 2014. Gardening indefinitely!!!
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Re: Throwing stones from the garden

Are the medical collections not reporting correctly? If they are valid and reporting correctly the hippa process will not work

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Re: Throwing stones from the garden

Good Luck to YOU!!


IME with medical collections.....I used PFD letters for the paid collections and GW's for the paid collections.

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