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To settle or not to settle?

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To settle or not to settle?

I have a 5 year old chase charge-off and it's now with Asset Acceptance. It's around $6,100, should I settle this account or just wait it out to pass the Sol for NY?. I'm in the process of rebuilding and this is the only unpaid and collection on my Cr's, all the rest are from the original creditors (5). In next 4 years I will be shopping for a mortgage and I don't want anything to pop up on my credit report are the sol or the original collection account falls off. Should I settle for 2k, or let it fall off. I knlow dates can't change when the accounts are sold off I know tricky little sticky things happen and I would hate to lose a house on the verb of closing because of this?
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Re: To settle or not to settle?

 SOL in NY 5 or 6 years. Also in NY doesnt a paid collection come off  at 4 year mark?? This is completely your call. Do you want to risk a judgement? Can you afford to pay it? Is it legitimate??

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