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Trying to remove collection from Midland


Trying to remove collection from Midland

I have one collection on all three reports from Midland for a charged off Target Account.  All three CRA's show a DOFD as 7/2005 and a removal date of June 2012.  I sent out requests a few weeks ago to the big three to get my actual DOFD because I know it was actually sometime in 2004, but I don't know exactly when.  So basically, Midland is using the date of my last payment (which I know is July of 2005 because I can actually still log into my Target account online) to keep it on my report longer than they should.  If I can't get correct DOFDs from the CRAs (I paid them the $10.50, but so far only TransUnion has cashed a check) do you think I might still be able to get the information directly from Target?  While I can see my account summary (it is bare bones) I can't see any old statements, etc.


Also, since I know that my last payment and not my first deliquent payment were in 7/05 - should I send a letter to Midland offering a very reduced settlement to remove since they are using the wrong date, instead of waiting for the CRAs to give me the info and then fighting with Midland? 


I want to start looking for a house and would prefer that this stupid collection go away sooner rather than later so I don't have to write explanation letters or end up paying them for something that is way past SOL and legally the CRTP. 


Thanks so much for any advice.

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Re: Trying to remove collection from Midland

I would start by calling Target.


I wouldn't offer anything until the OC confirms the DoFD.

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Re: Trying to remove collection from Midland

Thanks - that is definitely the way I'm leaning, I just hope they still have enough info in their system to be able to provide it. (if I don't get word back from EQ, EX and TU)



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Re: Trying to remove collection from Midland

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Re: Trying to remove collection from Midland

It was sold to Midland.

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aaRe: Trying to remove collection from Midland

If all three CRAs are showing the same DOFD, then chances are that the OC incorrectly reported it to the CRAs.

If a simple call to the OC does not resolve this, then I would suggest you file a direct dispute under FCRA 623(a)(8), disputing their date of reporting of DOFD under FCRA 623(a)(5).  That will, of course, require your showing from your account records of the actual DOFD.

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Re: Trying to remove collection from Midland

I was in the same boat with Midland with my dell account.  I sent them a letter informing them that this account was past 7.5 years from DOFD (I wasn't 100% sure that it was or not) and they responded quickly to tell me that they were removing this account.  I did pay the collection about a year ago, and they may have deleted it on their own, like I said the letter came to me less then a week after I sent mine. 


Hope this helps.

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