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Unknown Collection Agency

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Unknown Collection Agency

I have a "collection" that looks like this
Collection agency [?] 701yc32779
Original balance [?] $198
Current balance [?] $209
Status [?] Unpaid
Date assigned [?] Jan 01, 2008
Date reported [?] Apr 01, 2008
Date last active [?] Jun 01, 2007
Date paid [?] Not Reported
Date closed [?] Not Reported
Original lender [?] Hillsdale Garde
Account number [?] XXXXXXXXXXXXX2852
Type of account [?] Not Reported
Account holder [?] Individual
Type of credit [?] Not Reported
Payment status [?] Not Reported
Largest past balance [?] Not Reported
Amount past due [?] Not Reported
Account descriptions [?] Not Reported
How do i find a collecting agency named 701yc32779???

Can someone please advise me on how to find this company, or where i can find this company's information so i can pay it off already?
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Re: Unknown Collection Agency

My suggestions is to dispute the charge with the CRA. Write to which agency is reporting it on your credit....


When they respond, they need to give you more details.  They usually will.


If you are blessed to reach a real live person at the CRA, they may be able to tell you more information over the phone about who is trying to collect.


Good luck! 

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Re: Unknown Collection Agency

Welcome to the forums!


This looks like it might be a medical collection. Have you pulled your free credit reports freecreditreport? Reports from there will have the most information.

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Re: Unknown Collection Agency

Once a CA posts to your CR, that is an intitIal commumication that requries them to provide dunning notice to you wth five days, and to post with the CRA their DOFD within 90-days. FCRA 623(a)(5)(A). 

They are requried, in their credit reporting to the CRA, to provide their address.

If you dont have a CA address, file a dispute with the CRA of their posting under FCRA 611(a)(1).  Also include in that dispute a request under FCRA 611(a)(6)(B)(iii) of the procedures used by the CRA to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to the CRA.

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