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WTH Transunion?!?

I am not sure why the account relationship was terminated. Authorized user on brothers CC, but neither party asked them to remove me?!?

Date Opened:10/19/2000
Responsibility:Account Relationship Terminated (11/09/2012)
Account Type:Revolving Account
Date Updated:11/09/2012
Payment Received:$3,450
Last Payment Made:10/31/2012
Pay Status:Current; Paid or Paying as Agreed
Terms:$147 per month, paid Monthly
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Re: WTH Transunion?!?

Same with Equifax ..

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Re: WTH Transunion?!?

langinjoe wrote:

Same with Equifax ..

If both are reporting it, it def. was reported to them by the furnisher of the information... I would call the CC company back and have them reevaluate their response because they clearly did this and the rep didn't know what they were talking about haha



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Re: WTH Transunion?!?

+1  The CRAs don't communicate with each other unless it involves a Security Fraud.  So one would not alert the other to the status.  This had to be done at the CC company level.

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