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Wells Fargo Repo Time Period

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Wells Fargo Repo Time Period

Can someone explain to me how are they calculation the CRTP. My first miss payment on this account was APR 2006; but the car was never repoed until FEB 2007 and then I recuperated the car and it was repoed once again in May of 2008. They are reporting the balance as $o.oo I have never paid a cent on this account since the day they took the car ( I am assuming auction took care of the balance). Should I GW to see if the remove the TL sooner than FEB 2014. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks !!!!



Address: Account Number:
PO BOX 29704 5023759267610....
No phone number available
Address Identification Number:
Status: Account charged off. $3,642 written off.
Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on
record until Feb 2014.
Date Opened: Type: Credit Limit/Original Amount:
10/2005 Auto Loan $10,026
Reported Since: Terms: High Balance:
11/2005 60 Months NA
Date of Status: Monthly Payment: Recent Balance:
06/2008 $0 $0 as of 06/2008
Last Reported: Responsibility: Recent Payment:
06/2008 Joint $4,025
Charge Off as of Jun 2008
Repossession as of May 2008, Feb 2007
150 days past due as of Apr 2008
120 days past due as of Mar 2008, Jan 2007
90 days past due as of Feb 2008, Jan 2008, Dec 2006, Jun 2006
60 days past due as of Sep 2007 to Dec 2007, Jul 2007, Nov
2006, May 2006
30 days past due as of Aug 2007, Jun 2007, May 2007, Oct 2006,
Sep 2006, Apr 2006

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Re: Wells Fargo Repo Time Period

I have the exact same thing. They've never tried to collect it but I have another entry from Santander that I thought maybe they transferred it to ? It has a zero balance, with 18k charged off.
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Re: Wells Fargo Repo Time Period

The DOFD is what starts the clock for the SOL and the CRTP.  This is the date that the account went into default and wasn't caught back up.  When you got the car back, you brought the debt up to current, this restarted the clock on it.

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