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When do the CB's update their scores?

I am wondering when the CB's update their scores. I made some significant balance reductions last month and a couple of other changes that should effect my score positively but so far I haven't received any alerts about about any activity. Anyone have any ideas on this?
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Re: When do the CB's update their scores?

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It's not necessarily the CB's.  It's mainly your creditors.


For instance, I have one TL that updates around the 5th each month.  On the 5th, the new bal showed on my EX, but not EQ & TU.  By the 7th, it was on both of the others too.


So, if you get a daily monitoring service like CCT, you can get a new report every day, take note of when certain TL's update your payment (cuz you're not charging on those cards....right?   :smileywink: ), then make a note somewhere...roughly "when" it shows up & who notes it first.


Got it???


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Re: When do the CB's update their scores?

I do have the monitoring service offered by MyFico and it says that it is being monitored but I am not getting any updates or notices of changes to the score. Of ocurse I can "buy" the new score for $15 but why would I do that unless I had reason to believe it had changed significantly over the last month? I thought the $89 per year subscription fee was supposed to notify me of any changes to my score. What am I doing wrong here?


BTW, what is CCT and is it better than what I have now with MyFico? Is the score a legit one?

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