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Why do some collections just fall off?

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Why do some collections just fall off?

Checked my USAA this morning, and noticed that a 6 year old collection had fallen off. I disputed it months ago, and it came back negative. Im happy that it fell off!! But I just wondered the reason why? Is it the CRA that deleted it? Does this just randomly happen sometimes?

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Re: Why do some collections just fall off?

Keep an eye out for a new JDB showing up or sending a new dunning letter. It could have been sold and to avoid you disputing for duplicate reporting or any other reason, the CA that just sold the account deteled the record. Get ready to DV the debt if it pops back up.

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Re: Why do some collections just fall off?

The CRAs, in order to ensure compliance with the maximum credit report inclusion period, will often exclude collections prior to the full 7 yrs plus 180 days from DOFD maximum period.  So that might be the reason.


Debt collectors also have their reasons for deletion of prior reporting.  If no longer actively collecting on the debt, their collection authority has been terminated, or they have sold the debt, it is often in their business interest to simply delete prior reporting.

Having deleted, they no longer have any information that the consumer can dispute as inaccurate.  Thus, no time and expense in any future need to investigate and respond to any potential consumer dispute.

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