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What happens if you dispute because you want to verify the information is correct but then the CRA deletes it because they couldn't verify. When the OC then post next months on time payment, does it show like a new account with one on time payment? Or does it then reshow its original age and all the previous lates?
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Re: Wondering

Bump! Tried finding the answer to this but couldn't.
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Re: Wondering

Good question?  Anybody?

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Re: Wondering


When you dispute, it must always identify the information considered to be inaccurate.  Resolution of the dispute is directed only to the specific information disputed, and only very rarely at the entire account itself, such as an identity theft, account-not-mine type of dispute.

I dont know what specifically you disputed, but general disputes that just state "I dispute" dont identify specific information, and thus are not basis for prohibition of reinsertion of any specfic information.  The CRA could, if they so chose, just dismiss such a nebulous dispute as "frivolous or irrelevant."


Any party is only prohibited from reinsertion of information if it is shown to be information found as inaccurate or unverifiable in a dispute. 


As to subsequent reporting on the account, since disputes dont usually relate to the account itself, but only to specific information reported by the creditor under the account, the account is still the same account.

If the account was deleted after a dispute, it was more than likely that the CRA did not delete it, the credtior chose to do so.  The credtior could, in any subsequent months, report on the account.  The information on the account would have to be accurate.  If they did not close the account, but merely deleted and then reinserted, the account information would not have changed.  It would not be a new account.

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Re: Wondering

Thank you Robert.
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