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accounts not reporting correctly


accounts not reporting correctly

I have two student loans and an auto loan that show 'included in bk' on my credit report. However, none of the debts were iibk. The two student loans were consolidated and the auto loan was reaffirmed during the bk and paid off. What can I do to get these three accounts to stop reporting as 'included in bk' on my cr.

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Re: accounts not reporting correctly

I would file a direct dispute with the party who reported to the CRA. 

That will compel a reasonable investigation of the accuracy of their reporting, and a decision mailed to you within 30-ish days that is supported by their investigation.


I would not dispute through a CRA, as they will not forward all of your supporting documentation to the furnisher.

A direct dispute will ensure that your supporting documentation is included as part of their investigation.

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