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best way to get where i want to be

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best way to get where i want to be

I've got several collections on my cr. I'm wandering if i don't dispute these as being invalid debts but instead offer to pay in full for agreement to delete them from cr if that's a smart thing to do. most of these are small amounts and not mine to begin with, but my wife dont work so i get the debt because i have a job. My score is at 526 according to fico so I'm wandering what the pros and cons are for the action I'm looking to take. I'm wanting to get my score to where i can buy a home. something to leave my kids when I'm gone. I'm 36 now and not getting any younger just like everyone else. i was lucky enough to have a friend cosign for me a small loan to get my credit started in the right direction and I've paid it on time every month. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: best way to get where i want to be

You said they aren't your debts, and I'm assuming that they were you wife's? Were they put into your name but she was the one making the charges?


Could you offer some clarity? What are the debts for, how old are they, who's name were they in originally?

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