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I have a mean **bleep** at will grant uninsured patients a huge discount. Also wouldn't the hospital only be able to pursue the original $2,770.00? Does anyone have experience with getting the hospital to accept a settlement **bleep**

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Re: **bleep**

Hi noochski, as you may have figured there was an issue with the smut filter and it may have been fixed. It wasn't anything you said.


Part or parts of your post may have been zapped. If I can piece it together, are you asking about a $2770 debt to a hospital and as to why the ins. company didn't accept it? Or specifically, what can you do to get the hospital to accept a settlement?


If you have a medical debt, and assuming a CA is reporting that debt, and assuming you agree with the debt, then send the CA a PFD letter. Within your PFD you can offer a settlement of that debt. The settlement amount is totally up to you. IMO, I'd rather offer 100%, but that's because the time to get it off is way more important than the money for me. I wouldn't want them to deny a settlement of 60%, for example, if I could have saved weeks by offering 100% instead. But that's me and there's nothing wrong with offering a settlement. Just make sure you have 100% saved before negotiating if the debt is inside SOL. There are some stories in here of settlements being denied and the full amount sued for instead.

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